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Websites are the new business card and even if you do not conduct business online, you still must have a web presence. Websites are more affordable than ever and every company can benefit from having one. Even if you are doing something simple there are still a few things you want to do to make sure potential customers enjoy their experience on your site:

  • Simple Domain: If you have a domain that is difficult for people to remember then you can expect it to hurt your traffic. Domain names directly tie into branding and your business name should reflect your domain. If you have a pizzeria in Boca Raton and you can get Boca Raton Pizza as the domain that works great. However, don’t be afraid to have two domains pointed at the same site, one for your company name and one for the strong site address you were able to find.
  • Easy to Navigate: Most people are very computer savvy but if they have any difficulty navigating through pages they will more than likely leave the page very quickly. Make sure that users have an easy time finding the information they are looking for.
  • Easy to Contact: Ever have a question and wish you can easily call or email the company directly and you cannot find any contact info? It’s very frustrating and can cost you customers. Make sure that your contact info is easy to find, not just on the contact us page but throughout the site.
  • Valuable Info For You: Remember this is YOUR website so why not have a strong Call To Action, Testimonials and more. You can make a short video, use stock photos and really improve the interaction. Why is that important? It builds your brand and keeps people to stay on your page longer.
  • Keep it Clean: People spend more time on sites that look clean and organized than ones that are stuffed with pop-up ads, pictures, videos and other things. If they feel there is too much action on the homepage they will probably leave.

How To Make It Work For You

Sticking with the example of a Pizzeria in Boca Raton you should have the address reflect your company name or what you do, or both. You can use two domains so do not panic if you cannot decide between a couple. Now your pizza shop may not be doing any online business yet but you still want to have an online presence. Here’s why:

  • Easy to Find: When people search on Google for a Boca Raton pizza place you want to come up at the top of the list. A site will help that happen and also push down your competitors under the same search. You are battling for real estate and the more you can occupy the better it is for your business.
  • What Makes You Special: Every business has something unique that makes them special. Even a pizzeria has something that’s different than the rest and this is your platform to show that off and tell people why you are the best in town at what you do.
  • Easy To Reach: When someone wants to call and place an order they can easily find your number via your site. That eliminates any confusion on who to contact, your location or what you offer. You want a regular communication with your customers because the more you interact the more repeat business and referrals you get.
  • Let People Brag About You: Your customers love you and they want to tell everyone about you, but they want to do it online. They want to tag you on social media, share your site and post pictures about you as every time they visit your restaurant. That’s a big advantage to having a well-established web presence; your most loyal customers can bring you more business.
  • SEO FLA offers exceptional web design services that are affordable and take the pressure off your shoulders. Design is not an easy thing and you want to go with a company you can trust to deliver a professional site that is easy to navigate, looks great and will attract customers to your business for years.


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