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How can your business compete in the digital marketing realm?

Many small business owners wonder how they can compete with the national chains when it comes to things like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and Reputation Management.

In Tampa, SEO experts often cite the work of, particularly when it comes to Local SEO.

While competing with large, national-focused companies and their seemingly bottomless marketing budget is a fool’s errand, a good SEO services firm can show you how to still be successful.

It can be done through Local SEO.

Simply put, Local SEO is the process of optimization that will allow your business to show up in local searches. For example, your Tampa SEO expert will ensure that when searches are done in and around Tampa for your product and service, your company will show up with a high page rank on a Google search.

An SEO services expert will tell you that getting a high ranking through Local SEO requires the use of the proper language, namely location information. Specifically, Local SEO will look for the following;

• Street address of your business including the street name and number

• City and state

• Country

• Zip Code

Your Tampa SEO expert will know how to correctly format that address to make it viable in a local search. That formatting will allow the web site to be showcased on Google Maps.

There are other requirements as well.

Local SEO is best served when the address appears in multiple locations on the site. The address should appear in both the header and the footer of the site. Again, the text must be formatted correctly for the search engine optimization to be effective.

There are other elements of Local SEO that must be taken into account as well.

Links and citations are also Important factors in Local SEO. While links are off page elements that point back to your site, citations are off page mentions (minus the links). Both will help when you are vying for page ranking.

With Local SEO, any small business can compete with the large national companies in the search engine optimization game. Regardless of your competitors spend, you can still find your business on page one of Google with help from a Tampa SEO expert.

Which Tampa SEO services are going to bring you new customers and more business? For starters, that’s the type of thinking that leads to mistakes and unrealistic expectations. You cannot spend a few hundred dollars and make thousands right off the bat. Marketing takes time and there’s a process that has to be followed if you want to be successful:

• Establish a web presence: Before you do anything, you need to have a website and create accounts all over the web. Social media profiles and registering with Google maps are free. SEO is also a big part of this as it will help to ensure that those looking for information about you or the products and services they want, will find what you want them to read.

• Create an audience: Every business, regardless of what they do, has a target audience. You need to understand who that audience is, where they are, how best to reach them and how to grab their attention either when they are looking for you or when they are not looking for you.

• Frequently visit them: You have someone following you on social media and/or you have their email address. Don’t be shy, hit them up with daily social media postings and email campaigns at least once a month. This ensures that they see your message and promotion and will also build brand familiarity.

Our Tampa SEO services are here to help you reach your audience or be found by them when they are searching for your products and services. We know what it takes to put you in a position to succeed and we look forward to giving you the information you need to develop a sound strategy that will produce long-term results and help you to build your brand as an authority in the industry.

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