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Is it possible for a small business owner to engage in search engine optimization without the help of a St. Augustine SEO expert?

The question begs a series of follow-ups;

1. How much time do you have? Ten minutes a day? One day a week? (Neither of these may be enough for efficient search engine optimization)

2. What is your level of technical expertise?

3. Are you a decent writer?

4. How important is digital marketing to your business?

For a small business owner to engage in search engine optimization without the help of a St. Augustine SEO expert, it would require a heavy expenditure of a resource that is finite; time.

When it comes to running a small business, there are so many entities that are vying for your time that it is hard to imagine having enough of it to engage in search engine optimization. An SEO expert, especially from a full-service company such as, can give you back some time by handling your digital marketing needs.

Are you familiar with the following terms?

• Sitemap

• Robots.txt

• Alt text

These are some of the technical terms that are part of developing a comprehensive search engine optimization campaign for a small business. They refer to specific elements of site structure that will have a great impact on how well your small business and its corresponding web site will perform for a specific search query.

If you don’t have a grasp of these terms, and realistically you would need a strong working knowledge of these terms, you should probably be reaching out to an SEO expert.

One of the core attributes of a good search engine optimization campaign is content. Are you a good writer? Writing skills may seem like a lost art in digital age but vital to creating good SEO campaigns. If you have trouble stringing together coherent copy, it might be best to engage a professional.

Just as there are template based web design companies on the web, platforms such as Wix and Squarespace, there are also search engine optimization gadgets and quick fixes that may tempt a small business owner looking to save some money.

This is probably going to be as effective as self-SEO.

How important is your digital footprint to your bottom line? Do you rely on your site for sales? Is it where you get your best leads?

When embarking on a search engine optimization campaign, especially if web traffic is vital to your cause, utilize the professionals.


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