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How important is content for your SEO efforts?

There is a saying in media that “content is king” and that holds true for SEO services experts as well. Whereas content in traditional media refers to radio and television programming or local news in print, content in the world of SEO refers to optimization.

Your local Miami SEO expert can help with content development, specifically in reference to identifying the premium keywords and phrases for your industry. However, content development for SEO requires a deeper understanding of both the writing and optimization rules.

The elements of search engine optimization start with the functionality of your website. The site structure has to be constructed to allow the search engines the ability to find it and give it a ranking. This requires a technical understanding of not only how to create sites but how the structure relates to search engines. That is just the beginning.

Content is what really drives your search engine optimization efforts.

Think of the web site, properly constructed of course, as the car. Content, specifically optimized content, is what fuels the (search) engine.

Crawler-based search engines, like Google and Bing, are seemingly infinite databases of web pages. The engines “crawl” the information and index it according to its value to the end-user. Web sites that have an authoritative voice, traffic, and back-links will have greater credibility and therefore rank higher.

Indexing is accomplished through keywords and phrases, helping the search engines determine where a site belongs in the database and how it is relevant in relation to other sites that have the same or similar keywords.

It is important that your Miami SEO expert has writers on the payroll. Creative writers who are schooled in optimization techniques can tell the story of your business while also making sure the content is written for optimization. These are unique skills and should be trusted only to an SEO services expert. Search engines are looking for relevant content. These crawlers are also looking for fresh content. A stagnant page, no matter how well it is written, needs to have fresh content to continue to be relevant to the search engines.

A good Miami SEO expert knows how to deliver fresh, relevant content to your site and remain viable in the search engine process.

As you can see, a successful SEO services campaign would need to be handled by a full-service SEO company like can take you from start to finish.

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