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Reputation Management:

Every year companies set aside a budget towards marketing and every year they exceed that budget as they try to get sales to go up during key points of the year. Depending on your industry it may be during the summer or the holiday shopping season. Regardless of how and when you advertise you need to find effective strategies that get results and a solid Return On Investment. However, over the past several years’ companies have noticed a decline in their results, not because the campaigns have lost their effectiveness but because of negative reviews and bad reputations.

Research Is Hurting:

Before someone walks into your restaurant, purchases something on your website or calls to place an order they will check out online reviews to see what other customers have said about you in the past. The reason is because there are so many companies to choose from now and the consumer wants to know exactly who they are buying from. Go on Google right now and search for “Pizza places in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale or Miami.” You will see a dozen come up and those are just the ones that have done enough marketing to get ranked on Google or the maps. So many options to choose from customers are then forced to make a decision based on other factors. One is price but it doesn’t always have that big of an impact. Sometimes being a little more expensive can be your advantage as it means you have better quality. Another factor is your web presence. How does your website look, are you on social media, do you have multiple sites talking about you and so on? Finally, it’s your online reputation and what people are saying about you. Is it good, is it bad? Those are important because a few negatives are one thing but too many will scare away the customers you worked so hard to build.

Who Is Writing These Bad Reviews?

Everyone has a bad day. Negative reviews could be written by anyone including a single person who had a bad experience with your company and wanted to blast it all over the internet. It could even be from a competitor which isn’t right but it happens. Some companies have seen the wrath of former employees as well who attack the company’s name online. The truth is that a large percentage of these negative reviews are either false or the company being attacked was in the right. It doesn’t matter, they are up and others will see it if you do not act.

What Can I Do?:

EThe best way to stop negative reviews from impacting your business is to attack them before they happen. Quality content and reputation management ensures that the top pages of search engines are stuffed with good information about your business and the not so flattering stuff is pushed down as far as it can go. Naturally a good rep management company is going to also have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Bundle And Win:

The irony is that most companies do not worry about having reputation management until they have a bad one. The real time to begin is early on and it should be combined with your SEO and Social Media efforts to help you get real results. You shouldn’t have to pay different agencies to handle different projects. It should all be handled under one roof so that the same company can learn about your business and help it to thrive. SEO FLA specializes in many forms of internet marketing including reputation management. Whether you have a small business in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami or anywhere else, you will rest easy knowing that your name is being protected at the same time your brand is being built by going with the best in the business. You see the results and you see the work being done that earned those results. Communication is key and if you want to continue to see long-lasting results that work you need to start a campaign before there’s a problem, not after. Feel free to contact SEO FLA today for a free consultation and start working towards getting control of your own name rather than letting outside sources influence what people think. It’s your name, you should control it. .

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