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Press Releases:

Press Release may not have the impact they had years ago but they still are a great way to boost traffic, introduce a new product and get rankings improved in a short period of time. The way a press release works is that you announce something of importance; a new promotion, new product or something else and you submit the release to a distribution company. Based on the package you get the release will be sent out to 200,000- over 500,000 media sites all around the world. Depending on the industry and topic a few dozen may be picked up or as many as 200,000 or more may pick up the story. Sites like Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and Forbes Magazine gather their information this way and even a company in Boca Raton can benefit from having links from sites around the world, even if they only do business locally.

Here are just some of the advantages from doing a PR.

  • Reputation Management: Every business has to keep an eye on their reputation and make sure that potential clients are only reading positive things about your company. This is difficult, especially with review sites having so much clout when it comes to information on small businesses. It may seem like your options are limited but strong content is the best way to combat it and a great start is with a press release.
  • Promotions: If you have a big sale coming up or a major event the best way to get local or national media to carry the story is to send out a press release. This is how many media sites get their information and they will either run the content you already sent out or they will do their own story on the topic.
  • SEO: When it comes to getting ranked on Google under major key words you may have a hard time based on the level of competition you are facing. However, a PR is a great way to skip the line as news is based on when it was released and who distributed it. That’s why you see the latest news on a topic and it works for keywords as well.
  • Brand Awareness: If you are unfamiliar with the idea behind brand awareness consider the power of advertising. You see a commercial for ant spray, something you don’t need right now. Then you see it again a few weeks later. Months later you discover ants in your kitchen so you run up to the store to get some spray. There is a high probability that you will select the spray from the commercials you saw. It’s not because you liked the commercial or even trusted it. It’s because you recognize that brand and feel more comfortable with it. That’s the power of brand awareness and it works.
SEO FLA offers professional writing, editing and distribution services for your press releases to help them get more of an impact. Each PR must meet industry standards and the better it is written the better the results will be. Results will vary based on industry, time of year, quality of the PR and more but if it is well done you will see the benefits of the content for months after it is sent out.

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