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There is more than one way to get your business on page one of a Google search.

That means a Pensacola SEO expert can give you multiple options when it comes to getting to the top of a search engine query.

First, it is important to know what you are looking at when you hit the “search” button on Google and the results are returned.

There are two kinds of responses to a search engine query;

1. Paid results

2. Organic results

The paid results will show at the top of the page, most often with a map, and are the results of a paid search campaign undertaken by the businesses listed. As you scroll past page one of your search, you will also come across results that are part of Google Adwords campaigns. Again, these are paid results.

Going back eighteen months or so, Google had a long list of side bar ads (paid) that ran along to right side of every page of search results. The company did away with those ads and opted for the cleaner, more valuable configuration you see today.

There are all kinds of theories as to why the search engine giant opted to remove the side bar ads, from creating more value, to designing more for mobile (smartphones and tablets) screens than the less-used clunky desktops.

Regardless, the difference between paid ads and the organic results (part two of our discussion) has become a little less distinguishable in the new age of search queries.

As your Pensacola SEO expert knows, organic results are an entirely different animal.

Your organic results are not paid, and usually reflective of your site’s traffic, credibility, and relevance to the search query based on an always changing algorithm developed by the search engine.

Your Pensacola SEO expert can help created a campaign for search engine optimization. If that SEO expert works for a full-service company such as, they can also create a paid search campaign through Google Adwords that gets you to the top of Google.

While both are effective, studies have shown that consumers are more likely to trust organic results than they are likely to click on a paid result. This makes engaging in a search engine optimization campaign vital to your digital marketing efforts as part of an overall advertising campaign.

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