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Is social media important to your overall SEO profile?

This is a question that can certainly be answered by your Miami Beach SEO expert.

Social Media is another tool in the toolbox for SEO services firms that are helping to get your business discovered online.

A firm like will utilize all available methods to ensure the breadth and depth of your digital marketing campaign. These efforts will lead to a higher ranking with the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), more traffic to your site, and, if your site is constructed properly, more conversions (sales, leads, etc.).

Social media plays an important role in your overall digital profile. If someone is doing a specific “branded search,” that is, searching specifically for your company by name, your social media accounts will be part of the overall search return.

As your Miami Beach SEO expert will tell you, this “digital footprint” allows you to tell your story on a digital format.

Social media pages can range from Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Regular postings on these platforms serve your digital profile on multiple levels.

For starters, being active on these platforms will help foster a community effect with your customers. There is value to a “membership economy” approach to marketing where your customers feel more like “members” which creates loyalty on longevity.

Social media pages help create that “member” dynamic among your customers.

There are also other business sites, such as Manta, Zoom info, and Businessinfo that allow you to register and provide some insulation of your brand on the web. SEO services experts will almost always endorse multiple social media account with active and regular content.

Social media accounts also function as off page SEO, mentions or citations from web sites or social media accounts that are not your company site. These types of citations impact your site’s credibility and can improve rankings within the search engines.

While some may view social media pages as frivolous (should my manufacturing plant be on Pinterest?) the impact these sites have on SEO is measurable.

Don’t dismiss the value of these platforms and how they impact your overall digital marketing efforts. While a Pinterest account might seem useless for a manufacturing plant, consider what interest a new product rolling off the line, or being loaded into a truck might draw from that plant’s customers.

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