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As a small business owner, you are most likely inundated with digital marketing experts, Key West SEO experts, and others who are asking you about handling your SEO.

At some point, you have asked yourself; what is SEO and how can it help my business?

SEO stand for search engine optimization. In straight laymen’s terms, SEO, or search engine optimization simply means putting your online presence (your web address, social media page, etc.) in the best possible position to be found by the search engines.

As any Key West SEO experts can tell you, if you are going to prosper in the digital age your business has to be front and center when potential customers are searching within your industry of specifically for a product or service that you offer.

How can your business ensure that you are “searchable?”

As major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing crawl the web, they are looking for content that best reflects a particular query.

For example, if you are looking for the best Asian restaurant in your area, you may search for “best sushi restaurant.” You may search simply for “sushi near me.”

The search engine’s responsibility is to deliver the best possible results for such a query. Often, the results are based on the web sites with content that has been “optimized” for terms like “best sushi restaurant,” or “sushi near me.”

That is where having a Key West SEO expert comes in to play.

An SEO expert will create a campaign that delivers traffic to your sushi restaurant site through the process of optimization.

By developing relevant content that utilizes the words and phrases most often used in a search for sushi restaurants, your SEO expert will be able to help your web site and overall web presence search favorably with Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Once a thorough review of your web site is undertaken, your SEO expert can let you know exactly what it will take for your digital footprint to be optimized and begin the process.

When your site is optimized, a steady stream of relevant content is necessary to keep your site at the forefront of the search engines. While this process may seem daunting to the uninitiated, a company like can help you through the ins and outs of search engine optimization.

For more information on the process, visit and ask about SEO and how it can impact the bottom line for your business.

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It seems like everyone can claim to offer SEO services. So how do you know who to choose? It’s based on experience and understanding of the market. Your industry is different than others and therefore you need a custom package that gives you the best results for your business. Some companies would benefit more from a social media campaign than they would a SEO one. Others need to do more PPC if they want to get effective results. We look at you as an individual, taking the time to learn about your business and find a strategy that will get you results. We invest time, resources and energy into our clients because we believe that if we help them to grow and reach their goals we will have that client for a long time.