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Now that your company is atop the search engine results for industry keywords, is it still necessary to employ the services of a Key Largo SEO expert? The simple is answer is “yes.”

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the act of configuring your web site and its content in such a way that is both available and relevant to search engines for a particular set of search parameters.

There are several elements of digital marketing that help with optimization and search engine rankings. While things like site design, optimization, and content development can be expensive propositions, they are all essential to the end goal which can include the following;

• More web traffic

• Qualified leads

• Greater Return on Investment

It is safe to assume that if your current web address is returning at the top of a search query, the steps necessary for optimization have already been accomplished. Your site structure is optimized, your content is optimized, and the keywords and phrases you are utilizing are part of popular searches when someone is looking for your particular product or service.

So, what is the value of continuing with your Key Largo SEO expert?

Search engine optimization is not a static proposition. Search engines are constantly evolving with the goal of getting more “organic.” Google is continuously updating its algorithms, giving them names like Hummingbird, Panda, Pigeon, and Payday.

These mysterious algorithms seek out relevant content while also committing to root out developers and programmers that are trying to rig results. Duplicate content is penalized, sites “overstuffed” with keywords and phrases are penalized, and stagnant sites lose ranking as well.

That is why it is essential to maintain a relationship with your Key Largo SEO expert even after getting page one results. At a minimum, Google is going to reward you for fresh, relevant content. A vibrant, changing site, will be indexed more often by the search engines and rewarded with higher rankings.

As your company grows, and you begin to offer more products and services, it will be important to add keywords and phrases to your site so it continues to appear at the top of search results.

However, simply updating your site with words and phrases that may be pertinent isn’t going to improve or sustain your position on the Google results page.

That would be a clumsy approach to a very sophisticated system. Content has to be relevant content, and has to be developed in a way that continues to show the search engines that your site is an authoritative voice on the web.

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