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Talk to your Jacksonville SEO expert about inbound links and how they impact your SEO campaign.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the art and science of getting the search engines to rank your website at the top of a search results page.

If you are in the jewelry business, you would want to rank high when someone searches “diamond ring.” Car dealers want to rank high for terms like “new car” or “trade-in value.” Pest control companies vie for top billing when potential customers search “how to” terms, as in “how to get rid of mice.”

One of the elements of search engine optimization is creating and maintaining inbound links.

Search engines are looking for the most authoritative, credible voice when it comes to a particular keyword or phrase.

What site offers the most validity for a “diamond ring” or “trade-in value” query? Which site has the most authoritative voice in that industry?

Search engines will look for sites that contain those specific keywords and phrases. The crawlers will also look for depth of content, specifically how often those keywords or phrases can be found on those sites. The crawlers will also look at traffic, how many people are using these sites because of the keywords and phrases.

Not to be overlooked, crawlers will consider which other sites on the web are linking to a particular site with those keywords.

For example, if several wedding services companies are linking to a jeweler optimizing for “diamond ring” that site would receive a higher ranking than a jeweler without inbound links.

The process is ranked at different levels.

The value of the site that is linking to your site is also taken into consideration. What is its ranking or level of credibility? Is it also considered an authoritative voice?

While it can be confusing to the uninitiated, a Jacksonville SEO expert can walk you through the value of inbound links and help create a digital marketing campaign designed to develop inbound links.

One of the keys to success in this aspect of SEO is measuring the value of your inbound links and determining which sites Google is following in your industry. It seems complicated, but having a handle on this aspect of SEO is vital.

Rather than focusing on which Jacksonville SEO services you should be doing, you should first look at the process that needs to be followed in order to get the best possible results. For example, if PPC is the best way for you to get fast traffic and sales, you need to make sure that you have a strong campaign created, a nice-looking website and landing page and a name that is going to stick in the minds of visitors. It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest ads, the biggest budget and have outstanding placement, if your landing page is poorly designed, it will cost you thousands of dollars in new business.

This is where there is a major disconnect between client and marketing team. You can have a great strategy, but you need to make sure that the entire campaign is well designed and has the resources needed to succeed. Our job is to go over everything, showing you the importance of each step and make sure that nothing is skipped, no shortcuts are taken, and that all the work comes together to create a high-quality campaign that produces traffic, branding and conversions for years to come. This cannot be done in just a twenty-minute phone call, it takes time and we are ready to put in the work.

Every business owner understands the importance of Jacksonville SEO services. However, it’s not something that can be rushed, even if you have a larger budget. Things need to be done the right way in order to get the best possible results. If you are interested in learning more about these steps and what it takes to really build a successful campaign, we encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation regarding all potential marketing services, whether it’s something you are currently doing or would be interested in doing.

For more information on how inbound links impact search engine optimization, contact your representative. Your rep can explain the value of inbound links, measure your current status, and devise a strategy to build links that will help improve your ranking.

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