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Explaining SEO to the uninitiated can be a complicated matter. Our Homestead SEO experts encounter this problem frequently when speaking with business owners about their digital marketing efforts.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of developing web content that is searchable by the various search engines. A properly optimized web site can be found on the web through a keyword search on sites like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

A well-optimized web site will appear higher on the list of results than other sites for the same search term.

The key to search engine optimization is to create the structure and provide the content that will make a web site appear on page one of the results for specific queries.

If you are a local tailor, a Homestead SEO expert will tell you that it might be best to optimize for terms like “dress alterations” or “suit alterations.” A local tavern might want to optimize for “craft beer” or “happy hour specials.”

Getting the concept across to business owners can be difficult, especially if the entrepreneur isn’t knowledgeable about digital marketing in general. For the uninitiated, one description can prove to be especially revealing.

The internet all but eliminated the need for a phone book, specifically the Yellow Pages which listed local businesses.

When the Yellow Pages, or the stand alone Yellow Book was the go-to for someone looking for a particular product or service, local businesses were forced to find ways to stand out on that crowded list.

How do you get on the first page?

With the Yellow Pages, which listed alphabetically, it made sense to have a business that started with the letter “A.”

As an example, AAA Painting had a better shot at getting a phone call than Zelda’s Interior Decorating. Being first on the list had significant advantages.

The internet is the grandest of all lists and in some respects, works in much the same way as the Yellow Pages. Those businesses that show up first have a better shot at landing customers than those that are relegated to the back pages.

That is where search engine optimization comes in. By optimizing your site for the correct structure and providing optimized content that utilizes pertinent keywords, your company can essentially appear as the AAA Painting of your particular industry.

For more information on how you can participate in a search engine marketing campaign, seek out an SEO expert through the region’s top provider,

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