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What is the best way to determine a budget for search engine optimization? A Gainesville SEO expert can help you answer that question. However, it is probably best to commit to an overall strategy before engaging and SEO expert.

When running a small business, defining and deploying a marketing strategy will often start with determining a budget; how much are you going to spend on marketing / advertising?

While advertising is more often associated with traditional mediums such as print, radio, television, and outdoor (billboards, mobile placards, etc.), the digital realm often falls under the “marketing” moniker.

Developing an overall budget can be a challenge.

Historically companies will spend anywhere from seven to eight percent of sales on marketing. That number increases dramatically in the retail sector. It is not out of the ordinary for a retail sector company to invest as much as twenty percent on a marketing / advertising budget.

It gets more difficult for a new company to determine a marketing budget (not having the historical data to work with) but using a seven to eight percent number of projected sales serves as a viable starting point.

Now, what percent of that should be reserved for a digital marketing campaign?

There are a lot of determining factors and a Gainesville SEO expert can help put together a comprehensive digital strategy.

Some factors that help determine what your budget for digital should look like include the following;

• Do you sell your products / services online? Are you running an e-commerce site that depends solely on traffic for success?

• What is the local competition for your particular product or service? If someone does a Google search for your service, how many companies will they find?

• Does your industry as a whole generate sufficient web traffic?

Obviously if you are selling your product and service online and aren’t running a brick and mortar location, a significant portion of your budget, perhaps as much as fifty percent, should be allocated to digital marketing.

If you are in the auto business, pest control, or lawn care, you will most likely be dealing with a saturated market and will again need to develop a strong digital marketing campaign. In a situation like this it is not uncommon to see digital marketing budgets taking up close to fifty percent of the overall budget.

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