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Email Marketing:

Companies fall in love with email marketing because it’s a great way to introduce yourself to potential new clients and keep past ones informed. If you are having a big promotion you want to maximize your reach and email is one of the fastest and most effective ways of doing that. As you are trying to expand your list of customers it’s important to remember that you can only use permission based consumer addresses. That’s why SEO FLA is the best option with a database of nearly 300 million available and the working knowledge of how to improve the results based on targeting demographics, improving creative and even improving the pages the email is linked to.

Advantages Of Email Marketing:

  • Set Demographics: The beauty of email marketing with SEO FLA is that you have access to a database with hundreds of millions permission based consumer email addresses along with matching posting records. You can set your demographics based on location, interests, income and more. For example, if you want to target people in Boca Raton who are outdoor enthusiasts you can find thousands who meet those criteria.
  • Outstanding Creative: Not sure how to build quality creative that will grab attention and get better results? You can rely on our creative team with years of experience to create the perfect image of your company or promotion, a great call to action and high-quality content and pictures. This is your one opportunity to introduce yourself to hundreds of thousands of new customers and you want to make a good impression.
  • Building Your Brand: By sending out regular campaigns you are building brand awareness. That familiarity will help you down the road as customers will recognize your brand and feel more comfortable doing business with you. That’s why multiple campaigns are recommended. The results improve over a period of time as customers learn more about who you are.
  • Promotions: If you have a big sale or event coming up quickly and you need a cost-effective way of promoting it there is no better route to take than email marketing. You can reach hundreds of thousands of people who meet the qualifications you need and because it’s all permission based email you are going to see a higher number of opens than from other lists.
With years of experience in email marketing for some of the top corporations in the world, our experienced team can help you improve your numbers, come up with a great call to action and creative design that will grab attention and help you promote your brand to hundreds of thousands of customers.

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