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Display Ads:

Not sure what display ads are? You’ve seen them. Every time you visit a website and you see banners on the top or the sides, those are display ads. Companies use Google and other platforms to market their products and services on major sites. For example, if you have a car dealership and you want to target everyone in your area on various sites, your ads can run on local news, major news, blogs and more, expanding your reach and increasing your traffic in a short period of time.

The platform is ran through Google which means you can still target keywords, topics, location, types of sites, specific times, mobile, computer and more. Because you can monitor and track the campaign based on impressions, clicks and conversions, you get real-time analysis on how your content is working and if it can be improved.

Here are some of the advantages you get with this service:

  • Cut costs when compared to traditional PPC: If you are in a competitive market the average cost per click on traditional Adwords can be $10 or higher. However, by using display, you can have the cost per click go down to $1 or less, increasing your traffic without having to increase your budget.
  • Introduce your brand on major sites: CNN, Weather Channel and other major media sites all rely on this type of advertising to generate constant revenue for them. These sites allow us to place our ads on them, via Google, to make sure that your content is seen by thousands of visitors a day.
  • Display works great with re-targeting: Because you are posting visual ads you can use the same ones when re-targeting. This allows you to create brand familiarity with the user and they remember your name, product, service and promotion. The best part? You are able to broadcast your ads over sites the user visits meaning it follows them around and encourages them to click back to your site.
  • Target based on location: Just because your ad appears on major news sites does not mean you are showing it to everyone. For example, if your car dealership is located in Boca Raton and your ads are running on CNN, then only people in Boca will be able to see your ads when they visit that site.
Our team will work with you on developing ads that will showcase your brand while also appealing to the visitor, encouraging them to click on the creative and go directly to the targeted landing page. Upon analyzing the market, your competition, finding the best keywords for you to target and more, we will help you develop a cost-effective campaign which will maximize your budget, increase sales and conversions.

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