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Can video help with my SEO?

Video is an integral part of overall SEO (search engine optimization}. This is largely because it fills one of the most important criteria for getting found on the web; relevant content.

By creating a YouTube channel for your business and populating that channel with relevant videos, you will be improving your chances of a higher ranking with search engines.

We have all heard about a video “going viral.”

This occurs when a video is forwarded, or shared, across multiple platforms and reaches a mass audience. That video has value. Imagine if a video that showcased your product, process, or service was shared across Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to thousands of potential customers.

How would that impact your site’s rank on Google?

Video already represents more than half of the content that is viewed on the web. That percentage is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years. Video works as both an advertising medium and SEO catalyst. Video can also come in the form of photo montages, scripts, or animation.

Like any other content on the web, video needs to be optimized for it to be effective. Your Daytona Beach SEO expert can develop a video campaign for your business as part of an overall SEO and digital marketing strategy.

Videos should be optimized for load times, be relatively short, and work best with text integrated into the video.

Keywords with videos are also essential as they are with any web content. Video keywords come in the form of labels of video descriptions.

It is also important to use social media to generate traffic for videos. Posting a link to your video from Facebook or Twitter increases the likelihood of clicks and views.

Talk to a West Palm Beach SEO expert about where to host your video as well. While logic suggests integrating your video with your website would create the most traffic for the site and therefore establish its credibility with the search engines, it actually makes more sense to host your video elsewhere.

Your Daytona Beach SEO expert will undoubtedly tell you that YouTube is the best option for hosting your company videos.

For starters, YouTube is owned by Google. When the largest and most widely sued search engine is providing the video platform, it makes sense to use that platform. Exposure on this platform is probably your best bet.

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