Solight Design Case Study

Solight Design

Nice To Meet You: Solight Design is a nonprofit that sells portable, rechargeable LED solar lanterns. The client has a great following and quality reviews. The lanterns appeal to everyone as they can be stored in cars and boats and do not take up much space. The company also uses their resources to send lanterns to other countries including Haiti to help areas hit with poverty and natural disasters.

What Do You Want: The goal of Solight Design was to increase traffic and sales as well as brand awareness.

Let’s Get To Work: Work began through PPC and social media platforms. Ads were created for promotion of sales during holiday months (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas). As a new site is under construction they felt it was necessary to promote from external channels including a press release.

Here’s Where We’re At: Solight has seen an increase in sales reflective of their ad budget and creative’s. Social media numbers have increased steadily as the ad budget was spent more towards promoting a sale than the brand. Traffic to the site increased and they were able to target specific demographics including outdoor enthusiasts.

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