Recon Case Study

RECON Unique Truck Lighting Components

Nice To Meet You: RECON Unique Truck Lighting Components sells truck parts including headlights, taillights and more. They specialize in LED lighting technology and sell all over the country. Their products are most popular for newer model trucks.

What Do You Want: Their goal was to introduce their brand to truck owners, improve rankings, generate traffic and sales. Rankings were low, traffic was decent but needed improvement.

Let’s Get To Work: We began with an email campaign to tens of thousands of truck owners. It gave them a boost in traffic and they wanted to add something more consistent. We then began an SEO campaign focused on keyword targeting. Content was posted to relevant sites in the automotive industry for a new list of keywords.

Here’s Where We’re At: Rankings have drastically improved along with traffic and sales. They’ve also built up a strong social media following and have gained additional traffic from a PPC campaign. Because the organic SEO campaign has been successful, they are able to keep their PPC budget reasonable.

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