Natural Beauty Brands Case Study

Natural Beauty Brands

Nice To Meet You: Natural Beauty Brands wanted to sell organic and natural beauty products, strictly online. While they currently are the largest distributor of Mavala Switzerland products online, they also want to introduce other brands in the coming years. Upon meeting they did not have a website, any social media profiles and needed everything to be built from scratch.

What Do You Want: NBB needed a new website (their first), social media profiles, SEO, PPC and more. Their goal is to generate organic traffic but in the short run they were ready to set an ad budget with Google AdWords in order to get sales.

Let’s Get To Work: The website was built and carries hundreds of products. Ads were created for social media platforms as well as for the PPC campaign which has been very successful. A social media campaign with ad boosting was created to generate interest from that market. The SEO campaign focused on organic and natural interest with content targeting sites related to that topic.

Here’s Where We’re At: The website was built on time and has run smoothly since day one. They have sold thousands of products and are seeing quality rankings under targeted keywords. The PPC campaign got things off to a quick start and is now seeing better results as the brand is more established. The social media following has grown steadily, especially on Instagram.

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