We’re ready to invest in you with our time and resources.

The goal of our company is to grow with our clients. In marketing, you do not make money if a client leaves after a month or two. We focus on building a real relationship with our clients, learning about their business and how to help it grow. Our custom plans are made with your best interest in mind. That’s why we are confident in our ability to increase your traffic and we know that as you grow, you will become a bigger client and refer us to others. It’s an old school strategy that’s sorely been missed from the marketing industry. Let us show you what we can do to help your business grow!

We don’t like to brag, so we let them do it for us:

  • I have never worked with an SEO company that is more professional and easy to talk with. Every email and phone call is returned quickly, I am sent reports on everything and can see areas of improvement as well as areas that need to be worked on. I was hesitant to work with a firm from another city but they’ve removed all my doubts.
    Justin Jacobs
    Health Plan Markets
  • We rely on them for PPC and SEO. If the keyword rankings aren’t where they need to be, they will double their efforts that month to get the results back up and have never asked us for more money. That hasn’t gone unnoticed; they stand by their results even if they need to increase the workload to get it done.
    Todd M.
    Recon Unique Truck Lighting Components
  • The last company I worked with for SEO and PPC made a mess of everything. After taking a look at it, SEO FLA actually gave me a free month of service because they needed extra time to clean everything up and they wanted to make sure they had a chance to show me what they can do. That was 8 months ago and I’ve been more impressed each month. Since signing up with them I have seen a major increase in the productivity of my Adwords campaign. I didn’t increase my budget from the other firm, but they improved the numbers and conversions. I later realized it’s because they researched my competitors, the best keywords for me to target and went through every inch of my campaign to find the most effective ways to get results. Outstanding job and attention to detail.
    Marc M.
    No1 Cleaners
  • When you are trying to understand ROI for SEO it can be very challenging. It’s not an immediate success but you also need to know that the work is being done and being done the right way. SEO FLA fulfills their agreement to the letter and also spent time working with us on finding cost-effective strategies, whether we used them for it or not. That’s the kind of service you don’t get anymore.
    Vinod N.
  • The team does an excellent job of maintaining our social media and building a following. We’ve reached over 120,000 followers on Facebook alone and continue to get steady traffic from Instagram and Twitter as well.
    Mike R.

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